Cheyenne J. Clark

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Case Studies

Austin Community College Riverbat Reach Project

Austin Community College Riverbat Reach

My team and I helped ACC understand the needs of student for volunteership and we designed a UI to help students find opportunities that met their needs.

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Reclaiming Space

The story of how I prototyped an app to help folks dispose of clutter!

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A game designed to help teach learning techiques and encourage collaboration.

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ShieldU graphic

ShieldU Product Design

An app designed to help calculate reapplication times based on environment.

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Austin 311 Redesign

Austin 311 Redesign Exercicse

Redesign exercise adding features to the Austin 311 site and streamlining the visual design.

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taco trek project illustration

Taco Trek

A persuasive design aimed at motivating people to get out and walk.

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