Cheyenne J. Clark

My name is Cheyenne...

...but I also go by "Pinky".

Cheyenne the Unicorn
I have been a tester, a product manager, a designer, and a developer. Focusing on UX is the culmination of all my experience.
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These are some of my projects.

Austin Community College Riverbat Reach Project

Austin Community College Riverbat Reach

My team and I helped ACC understand the needs of students for volunteership and we designed a UI to help students find opportunities that met their needs.

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Reclaiming Space

The story of how I prototyped an app to help folks dispose of clutter!

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A game designed to help teach learning techiques and encourage collaboration.

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This is my story!

I have been a tester, a product manager, a designer, and a developer. I feel that focusing on user experience is the culminantion of all the roles that I have performed throughout the years.

After graduating with a four year degree in Game Development, I tested digital battle systems in the hands of soldiers and was a PM for simulation system that tested army systems.

I wanted to be more technical and creative, so I left to pursue freelance web design. I worked as a UI developer, where I designed and developed dashboards used by teachers to track student progress and identify students in need of help.

I was starting to focus on UX before I took some time off to take care of my family. Specifically, I was supporting my autistic son as he underwent in home therapy 30-35 hours a week. During that time I worked with his therapists to help him be more empathic, to self-organize, and interact with his peers in a way that reinforced relationships.

I am currently enrolled in a UX/UI program because as I look into reentering the workforce I want to be able to focus on creating awesome user interfaces and solving user problems.